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DiscQuiz: an (almost) daily Discworld trivia quiz
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This community was created when I started posting Discworld trivia in my Journal. However, not all of my friends are Discworld fans *gasp*, so I decided that I would create this community so that they wouldn't be subjected to these questions if they didn't want to be.
I will try to post new questions every day, but I don't always manage it. Answers will be posted along with the next day's questions.
There are no membership requirements, but you don't have to be a member to answer, or guess at the questions.
Currently, the questions are being taken from The Unseen University Challenge: Terry Pratchett's Discworld Quizbook by David Langford. (no copyright infringement is intended). Once I run out of questions from this book, I will probably start asking people to contribute!
Please, be nice. This is a trivia community. I can think of absolutely no reason for abuse or flaming to be posted here, and therefore none will be tolerated. You've been warned.

BTW, the trivia questions for the Quizbook cover The Colour of Magic to Maskerade.
And if you're looking for previous trivia questions, they're located in public entries in my personal journal robyngoodfellow